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Meet Abbie Shelton, Intern at Colorifix | MADE-IT Bursary Scheme


The Made-It Bursary Scheme was created by UKFT to further the production and sourcing knowledge of graduates while promoting UK manufacturing. It offers to five students per academic year the chance to undergo a funded-internship at a top UK brand, studio or manufacturer. The programme runs in collaboration with 5 UK-based universities and funding is leveraged from CapitB and Clothworkers. Click here for further information.


Abbie Shelton was one of the 5 finalists of UKFT’s Made Bursary Scheme for the school year 2021/22. The 2nd Year BA Textile Design student from Nottingham Trent University won a fully funded internship with the UK-based business Colorifix.

During her 8-week placement over the summer, Abbie worked alongside Colorifix’s coloration team and discovered innovative and natural dyeing processes. Colorifix is an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and viable dye innovation and research laboratory based in Norwich. Abbie said:

“During my internship with Colorifix I was lucky enough to experience a new and innovative approach to natural dyeing first hand. 

I was based within their dyehouse working alongside the coloration team. My experience was split between machinery operation and colour management. I wasn’t expecting to learn about colour management but it was so interesting and I was handed a lot of responsibility in this department to develop a colour data system new to the company.”


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This internship truly inspired Abbie, who started considering career paths beyond textile design. She now is looking to gain more experience in the manufacturing and colour management sector. She explained:

“This experience made me consider other career options within the textile industry apart from design. I enjoyed working with colour and fabric so much and this has really transferred into my university work within my final year. I am currently looking for more experience now within the colour management sector of manufacturing as I thoroughly enjoyed working with this over the summer. 

This experience was so unique due to the revolutionary way Colorifix dye fabric and it really taught me how much work and passion goes into changing the industry for the better. I also learnt that a lot of my creative skills are transferable to other parts of the design process that I have a passion for.”



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