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People, product, environment: Sustainability in UK Textiles


Oscar Macdonald, Global Commercial Director of Alex Begg and Begg x Co, will present People, product, environment: Reporting a journey towards sustainability at the Sustainability in UK Textiles conference on 12 May 2022.

Oscar runs the commercial direction of Alex Begg, a leader in the design and supply of responsibly crafted woven and knitted cashmere products. Based in Scotland with manufacturing sites in Ayr and Hawick the company supplies several of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands in addition to making for its own brand Begg x Co.

Oscar believes in the importance of business making a positive contribution beyond the products that they produce. Alex Begg has had a strong focus on its responsible practices from developing traceability of materials across supply chains, through development of skills and creating positive work environments to undertaking activities to reduce carbon impact.

Alex Begg

Alex Begg is set to release its third sustainability report outlining its latest progress across three key areas: people, product and environment. While individual companies look to be successful in their own right, Oscar believes that there are areas such as sustainability, which require greater co-ordination and collaboration that is important for the longer term health of the industry and urges the industry to come together to tackle these common challenges.

In this session, Oscar will outline some of the key metrics, projects and initiatives the company is working towards and will urge others overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the topic to “just start somewhere”.