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Alicia Rowbotham Studio creates soft sculpture for UKFT stand at Première Vision


Alicia Rowbotham Studio has created a soft sculpture made entirely from waste fibres from the UK textile manufacturing industry for the UKFT stand at Première Vision in Paris, held from July 5-7, 2022.

Alicia Rowbotham

This category of waste fibre is often destined for landfill or incineration but has Alicia salvaged fibre directly from UK mills to repurpose for this installation. It features waste silk, cotton and wool appliquéd onto a recycled cotton fabric.

Alicia Rowbotham

Alicia said: “Inspired by the UKFT characters representing sustainability, creativity, innovation, durability and authenticity, I wanted to create a soft sculpture that illustrates the playful energy of working with reclaimed materials and the unpredictability of the outcome.

Alicia Rowbotham

“This piece really represents to me the creativity that comes from the limitations of using reclaimed materials. When you are working with found materials and don’t seek to use virgin materials, you are encouraged to think outside the box to achieve the final outcome. In short, I believe that limitations inspire creativity.”

As a sustainability focused designer and project collaborator, Alicia Rowbotham is always seeking new and exciting projects that are practical and compatible with contemporary life. She is focused on designing and making furniture and interiors solutions with waste fibre at its core. Find out more at aliciarowbotham.com and @aliciarowbothamstudio

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