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Araminta Campbell: Specialising in handwoven British alpaca from her Edinburgh atelier


Araminta Campbell offers the finest alpaca accessories and interiors, handwoven in Scotland.

Araminta Campbell

Made in Scotland, by Scotland

Every Araminta Campbell piece is an ode to Scotland. All of the textiles are made in the country that inspired their design, using local materials, traditional skills and expert craftsmanship. All of the Signature pieces are designed and handwoven in Araminta’s studio and workshop. The brand partners with carefully-selected weaving mills across Scotland for the MINTA collection and bespoke tweed and tartan projects.

Araminta Campbell

Ancient crafts, kept alive

Weaving has been practiced in Scotland for centuries, and Araminta Campbell is proud to join a rich lineage of makers and artisans creating exceptional Scottish textiles. Drawing on this vibrant heritage, the brand continues to preserve skills and expertise that have been handed down the generations.

Araminta Campbell Signature Feather Birdwing Scarves 2

Beautiful materials, sustainably sourced

Araminta Campbell sources all of its British alpaca fleeces direct from farms and breeders in Scotland and England, before they go through the bespoke spinning process in their natural colours. Traceability is important to the brand– sometimes the team even knows the name of the alpaca a particular colour of fleece originated from. For custom tweed and tartan projects, wool and cashmere yarns are sourced from carefully selected British suppliers. Keeping things local means Araminta Campbell can make sure only the highest quality raw materials are used.

Araminta Campbell

Find out more at www.aramintacampbell.co.uk.