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Bella Tela for British Textile Week


Bella Tela, established in 2011, is a couture fabric house with ambition, energy, passion and spirit, nestled in the southwest of England. The thriving design studio, under the direction of Richard Mannion, quickly paved its own way and presents seasonally to the world’s fashion houses, working with celebrated brands around the world.
From concept to creation, the company aims to combine your vision with its outstanding expertise. From bespoke fabric designs to complete garment manufacture, discover how we can collaborate together.
BellaTela-VisualBoardBella Tela – visual board by UKFT

“Together we use our inspiration and creative genius to collaborate with our customers to develop innovative luxurious textiles”

Bella Tela

Bella Tela

Bella Tela is committed to having a positive environmental impact and offers a collection of designs using poly chiffon and poly organdie made from 100% RPET.  These fabrics are full of volume, movement and fluidity. Being involved in sustainability is important for Bella Tela and its community of customers. The company is excited to be able to create such luxury, unique and original designs in a safe, sustainable material.

Reflective PVC

Bella Tela’s reflective PVC fabrics create a dream world, enchanting in a spectrum of light reflecting in every direction and creating a new masterpiece every time they move. From flowers to tassels and layered jigsaws, this innovative look is fast becoming a Bella Tela icon with stunning catwalk images appearing as designers indulge.

Luxurious Embroideries

Bella Tela embroideries are purposely indulgent, using high stitch counts for that opulent feel. True works of art may be achieved through multi-colour palettes and unique tactile surfaces. Using state of the art modern machinery, the company explores multi layered textiles through a variety of stitch, bead and cord work.

Bella Tela

Bella Tela

Bella Tela

Blossoming Florals

Bella Tela’s stunning 3D florals epitomise the notion of luxury textiles. Using quality materials and thoughtful manipulation techniques, it creates enchanting floral gardens and elegant organic motifs. Always a pillar in its collections, they never fail to captivate both fashion and bridal designers.


100% silk chiffon exquisitely painted by hand, these artisan pieces are perfection. With vibrant, saturated colours, each and every one is original and unique in their own right. Bella Tela endeavours to keep traditional skills alive in an ever-changing digital world.



UKFT’s British Textile Week is a digital showcase of the craftsmanship, imagination and innovation of the UK textile industry.