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British Brands: John Smedley


John Smedley specialises in iconic hand crafted knitwear made in Britain.

Richard Biedul for John Smedley SS21

Inspired by the textures, colours and patterns found across the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air the 2021 collection is eclectic, tactile and sumptuous.

Caroline Issa for John Smedley SS21

Tempestuous waters, graceful winds, tactile earth and passions of fire are all reflected in this collection with colour and texture at its heart.

Caroline Issa for John Smedley SS21

Palettes of emerald green, orange ember and persian red offer rich jewel tones that capture the eye with their regal beauty and bring the seasonal selection to life.

Neutral shades of soft fawn, light camel and snow white juxtapose this by offering pared back luxury that is offset beautifully by shades of saffron and copper.

Pinks also provide a key colour story for the season with shades of rosewood, fuchsia and plum providing warmth in this key, romantic tone.

Caroline Issa for John Smedley SS21

Textures of recycled cashmere using multiple yarn colours create beautifully chunky and sustainable garments. These sit alongside our refreshed British Wool collection which features two additional shades of English rose and blue dales alongside the undyed natural fibre and classic British blue.

The trans-seasonal fibre of Anglo Indian Gauze continues to be featured with eleven new shades presented for the season. Richard Biedul representing earth and water, and Caroline Issa showcasing fire and air.

This brand is made in the UK.

Find out more at www.johnsmedley.com or follow on Instagram: @johnsmedleyknitwear