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British Childrenswear Brands: Petit Pli


Petit Pli is on a mission to sustainably clothe the future of humanity by democratising wearables; all starting with the next generation.

Petit Pli

In late 2016 Petit Pli’s founder Ryan gained a nephew, Viggo. Frustrated by the waste created by Viggo’s speedy growth, Ryan set out to create clothing which considered children’s growth rates. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, Ryan developed Petit Pli’s patent-accepted technology enabling clothes to expand through 7 sizes from the ground up.

Petit Pli

Fittingly, each part of the production process takes sustainability into account, from the clothing being made from plastic bottles, to the recyclable packaging, which converts into a jet pack for imaginative play.

Petit Pli now has collections to fit children ages 0 to 9 years over just three expandable sizes.

Petit Pli

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