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Best of British Apparel Textiles: Begg x Co


Begg x Co is a sustainable, luxury brand based in the small Scottish coastal town of Ayr, where the label makes and designs every collection at its mill.

Begg x Co

Every piece is imagined and realised with meticulous care, dedication and love. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, the highly skilled team of weavers and knitters use the finest natural noble fibres, sustainable cashmere, wool and silk to make the most exquisite sweaters, scarves, blankets, wraps and stoles.

Begg x Co

Pictured are images from their new Spring/Summer apparel accessories range, including their Wispy Viewfield, Lash Feather Check and their Fiji Heron.

Begg x Co

Find out more at www.beggxco.com