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Best of British Contract and Interior Textiles: Liberty Fabrics


The new Modern Archive Collection from Liberty pays homage to the brand’s long-standing legacy as the home of London design.

Liberty Fabrics Liberty Fabrics

Celebrating the timelessness with which Liberty Fabrics’ prints endure as icons within every passing decade, the collection showcases 13 key archival designs – each recoloured and reinterpreted for a new generation of Liberty interiors, bolstered by 23 beautifully coloured plain fabrics in three textures. This versatile Plains collection unifies the entire range and is reflected in many of the recoloured Heritage prints, bringing the collection together and allowing the use of multiple patterns in a cohesive way. 

Liberty Fabrics

Introducing the highest quality bases of heavy linen, velvet and cotton, the collection harnesses cutting-edge textile technologies along with the superior performance of high quality natural fibres, to achieve exquisite hand feel and drape with exceptional technical capabilities. 

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