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British Womenswear Brands: Charl Knitwear


Charl Knitwear is a British knitwear brand designed in England and crafted in both England and Italy, sourcing its yarns from ethical, traceable, organic and natural sources wherever possible.

Charl Knitwear

Charl Knitwear was created by Frankie Davies, former Senior Knitwear designer at Burberry and Benetton. Frankie founded Charl Knitwear in January 2019 which is named after her sister Charlotte – her lifelong muse. Frankie grew up in Norfolk and sources much of her inspiration from her childhood memories of the Norfolk coast. Her commitment to ethically sourced and crafted knitwear stems from her extensive experience in the industry and knowing that there is a kinder side to fashion.

Charl Knitwear

The latest stunning new collection from Charl consists of limited edition pieces intends to bring to life the lost world of the Norfolk fisherman, and is a result of extensive study on hand knitted Gansey pieces with an exciting, modern interpretation. A cornerstone of the collection is Frankie’s commitment to sustainability and traceability. The natural fibres used are a selection of certified British wool, undyed or naturally dyed cashmere and undyed baby Alpaca, all of which have been carefully sourced and ethically manufactured in the UK and Italy.

This brand makes some of its collections in the UK.

Find out more at www.charlknitwear.co.uk and follow on Instagram: @charlknits