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British Textile Week 2021: Escorial


Escorial fabrics are produced exclusively at Luxury Fabrics Ltd and Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd  from a fibre that is so rare it can only be found in small flock numbers in southern Australia and New Zealand. No other fibre in the world combines luxury, performance and sustainability with traceability right back to the farm from the final garment. Its fibre is a unique shape, like a coiled spring, that retains air and volume along with elasticity with the added benefit of superfine micron status.

Single and double-faced worsteds and woollen fabrics have been incorporated with traditional weave constructions into the Winter 22/23 Escorial collection. Brushed coatings and Escorial tweeds in contemporary colours and new age designs also feature in the latest collection.

Escorial woollen spun jacketing 300g

Fabrics are offered in two, three, four and six plied yarns for suitings, jacketings, and coatings to really add diversity. Suitings are offered in weights from 260g to 380g:  jacketings, blazer fabrics and coatings range from 280g to 800g in double weaves and double-faced constructions. Escorial presents a collection of stunning designs across the whole range to really complete what is a spectacular array of Escorial fabrics showcased at its very best.

Escorial 260g twill suiting

Find out more at www.escorialgroup.com and follow on Instagram @escorialgroup