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British Textile Week 2021: Halley Stevensons


Halley Stevensons are the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators in waxed and weatherproofed fabrics. All dyeing and finishing is ‘under one roof’ based at Baltic Works in Dundee, UK. Sustainability is woven into the integrity of their business, a legacy Halley Stevensons are committed to continuing.

Halley Stevensons

To date, the company has utilised otherwise waste by-products from the oil industry in the form of petroleum jelly, paraffin waxes and hybrid blends. These resources provide traditional water-repellent characteristics and are built to last, however Halley Stevensons have always believed there were other ways to engineer quality waxed finishes.

Halley Stevensons have recently launched their EverWax range, the next generation of sustainable fibres and finishes. This innovative set of fabrics embraces the same ethos of repurposing waste products, recycling materials and embracing circularity. The first product launching in this category is made from a blend of 100% plant-based waxes and oils.

Halley Stevensons

EverWax Olive is an exciting new development and offers good overall weather performance, similar to traditional paraffin waxes, however uses all-natural plant-based waxes and oils — the combination of which consists a blend of olive oil, rapeseed and castor bean.

Visit www.halleystevensons.co.uk and follow on Instagram: @halleystevensons