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British Textile Week 2021: MYB Textiles


Renowned textile artisans Morton Young and Borland have been exclusively weaving Scottish lace and madras sheers since 1900. MYB Textiles are recognised worldwide for their commitment to ensuring the highest quality of production.

MYB Textiles

MYB Textiles are defined by time-honoured heritage, expert technique and a passion for continuing lace and madras production. From vision to technique the new collections have pushed the boundaries of the product itself and the machinery involved in the production.

MYB Textiles

MYB look to challenge the very perception and production of their signature product – driven by continual product and design innovation, new technology and a highly skilled workforce.

Hear from Margo and Sherry from MYB Textiles below:



What the customers say…

“Cooper Lace has relied solely on MYB Textiles for the entirety of our fourteen-year existence; the superior quality of their products, their crack design team and brilliant export staff have enabled us to become the leading supplier of cotton lace curtain panels in North America. I cannot praise them as individuals and as a company sufficiently”. – Dan Cooper, President and CEO of Cooper Lace.

MYB Textiles Cooper Lace Eastlake in use

(Cooper Lace supply the film set industry as well as domestic & historical stately homes, mostly in the US.)

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Visit www.mybtextiles.com and follow on Instagram: @mybtextiles1900