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British Textile Week 2021: William Halstead


William Halstead is an originator and maker of natural fibre woven cloths: Authentic English cloth construction of character, augmented by an idiosyncratic application of design and colour.

William Halstead

Firmly rooted in Bradford, the Wool City, William Halstead boasts a heritage mapping the textile industrial revolution and their cloth has been woven in the same location for over 150 years.

William Halstead

William Halstead holds an envied position amongst exceptional, directional, and aspirational international brands as the ‘go- to’ English weaver and cloth creator.  The company maintains a global reach supplying branded selvedge fabrics to tailors and merchants worldwide through a busy schedule of international travel and trade fairs.

William Halstead

Reputed ‘Master of Mohair’; this most challenging of natural fibres requires considerable skill in production and points to the quality of the entire William Halstead worsted range.

Hear from Matthew Simpson from William Halstead below:


Visit www.luxuryfabricsltd.co.uk and www.williamhalstead.co.uk and follow on Instagram: @williamhalstead1875