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British Textile Week 22: Joshua Ellis


Joshua Ellis was established in 1767 – with heritage and craftsmanship at the core of everything the company does, creating and manufacturing the most exclusive fabrics and accessories in the world’s finest fibres for over 250 years. Situated in Yorkshire in the north of England, heartland of the wool industry and a region built on skill and technical know-how, Joshua Ellis was initially established to produce the heavier woollen cloths necessary for warmth and durability. Today, modern machinery and innovation combine with age-old manufacturing techniques to produce a stunning portfolio of luxurious fabric and accessories perfect for the discerning customer.

For SS23

Sustainability and the natural environment always play an essential part in all our collections. The North of England offers an abundance of beautiful landscapes which fill the heart with inspiration; from soft, calm coastal colours in neutrals and an array of blues, to the lush greens of the hills and rich moorland of the region crowned in magically warm sunset shades. The combination of colours for SS23 in interesting weave effects and a variety of finishes combine to create lightweight fabrics with international appeal.

It’s a brave new world, and with the move to more flexible and hybrid working, Joshua Ellis Spring 2023 offers 100% Cashmere lightweight luxe shirting fabrics starting at a super fine 200gm in checks and plains, to stay smart casual for those virtual business meetings. Intricate weave effects in broken twills and herringbones in seasonal shades from 240grm to 320grm, introduce soft jacketing weights in Panama checks and semi-plains.

Intimate blends of cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, and cool wool styled with both checks and semi-plains in soft pastel shades offer a freshness to jacketing qualities with classic, continental charm.