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Circleline for British Textile Week


Circleline Design Studio Ltd, founded by Jeremy Somers and Dietmar Voegel. Based in London and known around the globe for innovative creation for all kinds of surface design. Working from haute couture to underpants, always with a twist. Setting trends since 1997.

Circleline Design Studio - Textile design and Shirt by Jeremy Somers Circleline

“We have always been aware of the importance of flexibility and the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us we need to be even more open to the possibility of change. Circleline forecast the print section in “TEXTILE VIEW MAGAZINE” (issue 131 out in September 2020) so we had to think about print prediction for SS 2022 in the midst of lockdown. We usually have our team all together in the studio, dreaming and brainstorming new ideas for the future.

This time everybody worked from home and we quickly found the new pleasure of being not at work but still able to communicate and create our trends via video linking and writing emails. I think we all enjoyed having a lot of private sphere, even so we can’t wait to see people in person again.”

We believe fashion at its best is art and so is textile design: this is and has always been the motor driving us.” (Jeremy & Dietmar)

“We were asked to design the Cover for this year’s Textile View Magazine. Here is a hint of what’s coming on the 3rd of the series for issue 131. The series is called Our Footprint 1 to 4 – all about nature and textiles. Making them work together, not against each other”.

In this first video, Jeremy Somers is interviewed by the Premiere Vision design team and talks about the ethos of Circleline Design Studio:

In this next video, discover some of the design inspiration and creativity behind the Circleline Design Studio’s collections:



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