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UKFT partners with Envantage to help members with energy solutions


With so many of our members facing pressure to reduce energy, cost and carbon emissions and meet compliance, UKFT has partnered with energy and low carbon consultancy Envantage to provide specialist knowledge and best practice specifically for the UK fashion and textile industry. This would be of particular interest to our manufacturing members but all members can enquire to see how Envantage may be able to support their energy requirements.

In recent UKFT survey, 69% of businesses told us they were experiencing increased energy costs and 77% said their current provider did not support them with energy saving schemes.

Envantage will support UKFT members to find out more about everything from buying effectively to optimising energy usage, reducing carbon and meeting regulatory obligations. The team can also answer questions about compliance, access to energy discount schemes, or if you simply want to check if you could pay less for your energy.

The world of energy isn’t always straightforward, particularly for major users, but Envantage prides itself on being easy to work with. The firm tailors its approach around each client to deliver maximum efficiencies and cost-savings, for both everyday challenges to longer-term ambitions.

Envantage can help UKFT members in four key areas:

  • A strategic approach to carbon and energy reduction
    Helping to identify the specific changes that will help to reduce carbon, as well as how to optimise energy usage and reduce costs. This includes: Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, Greenhouse Gas Quantification, Energy Audits, Onsite generation, ISO Energy Management Standards, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Metering and Monitoring, and EnCO™ Accredited Training.


  • Compliance with a commercial edge
    Joining the dots between what you must do from a regulatory perspective and what makes sense from a commercial perspective to deliver maximum benefits. The includes: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)


  • Reducing green taxation in your energy costs
    Help securing qualification for compensation schemes that can secure significant savings on your energy bills. Over and above the Climate Change Levy (CCL) reduction you may already receive, there are additional schemes helping companies save hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds each year off their energy bills. This includes: Climate Change Agreements (CCA) and Green tax reduction (EII).


  • Risk-managed energy procurement
    Helping to identify the right strategy to support businesses to maximise potential savings. This includes: Energy Procurement Risk Management, Fixed Price Energy Contracts, Flexible Energy Purchasing, Bill Validation, Tariff Analysis, Cost Recovery and Metering & Connections Services.

UKFT MEMBERS: For an initial introduction, contact paula.mcilwraith@ukft.org