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Escorial for British Textile Week


West Yorkshire-based Luxury Fabrics is the exclusive global partner for luxury Escorial worsted suitings, jacketings and coatings. Handcrafted at the company’s mill in West Yorkshire, Luxury Fabrics brings out the best in this rare and luxurious fibre, creating a fabric that is incomparable in drape and resilience with a distinctively soft handle.


The Introduction

Escorial, the most exclusive and rarest of all fibres: no other wool fibre in the world can offer such luxury and performance in one package. 100% sustainable and traceable back to the farm, all this offered into a collection of woollen and worsted spun fabrics for suitings, blazers, jackets and
coatings exquisitely designed for the new AW 21/22 season. Fabrics in a mix of two, four and six plied yarns that offer unparalleled performance, feel and drape. Double faced worsteds as well as woollen and worsted hybrid fabrics that incorporates traditional weave constructions, brushed coatings and Escorial tweeds in contemporary colours and new age designs.

The Journey up to present day

The story of Escorial and its origins is a journey that dates back to 1584 and the palace at EL Escorial in Spain where the original sheep were kept and came to be known as the Royal Escorial flock. The flock were all but lost during the Napoleonic times but if it had not been for the foresight of Ms Eliza Furlong, a Scottish born woman who saw the potential of the breed who took with her 120 sheep to Australia and established the bloodline of the flock in the new world which still continues to this day.

In 1987 the Radford family bought forty lambs and introduced them into the rolling hills of New Zealand, further strengthening the future of the breed. Escorial is solely exclusive to Luxury Fabrics Ltd and is 100% designed, woven and finished at its factories in Yorkshire in the UK using state of the art modern manufacturing processes coupled with unparalleled service and quality.

Escorial, the world’s rarest and most distinctive natural fibre has warmth yet breathability, resilience yet is lightweight in feel and is quite simply the ultimate wearing experience.

The Inspiration

“A modern twist with a traditional mindset” This season’s emphasis is structure and capability. Escorial yarns offer such unparalleled performance in fabric form and coupled with this the ability to have the yarns three, four and six plied in both woollen and worsted giving incredible stretch across an extensive colour palette and innovative design work incorporated in all qualities. The demands for garments today, even for the super luxury area, require an element of integrity to retain its form for modern living and travel without the compromise of losing shape and handle.

The collection

Escorial Escorial Escorial Escorial Escorial

Escorial Collection

Escorial Brochure




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