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Exhibiting at International Trade Shows in 2023


Are you planning on showing at an international trade show in 2023? UKFT supports businesses exhibiting at international events to reach global wholesale buyers. If you have signed-up and been accepted to show at one, please contact us at info@ukft.org so we can include you in any of the promotions that we are running.


With the support of the Department for International Trade, the Whorshipful Company of Clothworkers (for textile activities) and other key stakeholders, UKFT helps businesses showing at international trade shows to reach global wholesale buyers.

We support companies and their collections get safely to the shows. Since many changes have been implemented since Brexit, we also help them understand what buyers are now expecting of them. To do so, we will organise free webinars and meetings for businesses attending the below events:

  • Heimtextil
  • Pitti Uomo
  • Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Pre-collections (also including Tranoi, Welcome Edition, MAN, Who’s Next, Salon de la Lingerie/Interfilière and the menswear and pre-collection showrooms)
  • Première Vision
  • MilanoUnica
  • Chicago Menswear Collective
  • Paris Women’s Fashion Week (including Première Classe Accessories, Tranoi, Woman and the womenswear showrooms)
  • Project Tokyo ** (see details below)


If you have signed-up and been accepted to show at one of these events, please email us at info@ukft.org so that we can include you in any of the promotions we will be running. The aforementioned list includes the events UKFT expects to be present at for the first quarter of 2023. However, we are aware that many other shows are happening around the world, which is why we invite you to contact us even if you are going to a show that has not been mentioned.

Please note that the only grant programme that is still open for January-March 2023 is the DIT Internationalisation Grant for English companies (excluding London, East Anglia and Cornwall) with a turnover above £250,000.

Are you a UKFT member? We’d love hear about which shows you consider attending this season and beyond! Email us at: info@ukft.org


Project Tokyo (16th-17th March 2023)

We would like to hear from businesses wishing to apply to show at Project Tokyo on the 16th and 17th of March 2023, as UKFT successfully worked with its organisers in 2021.

Whilst larger Japanese buyers travel extensively to international shows, smaller and independent buyers cannot travel as much as they used to. We believe that showing your collection at Project Tokyo could be a great way to reach a wider range of buyers across Japan.

The Japanese market is quick to adopt new products, which is especially true if they are Made in the UK (including womenswear, menswear, footwear and accessories). However, buyers are now more interested in working with brands which have successfully shown their collections in Paris, Milan, Florence or New York and already have international stockists. This event will be less interesting to start-ups and brands looking to sell Asian products to Japan.

Our team will offer to support businesses on the ground if we receive enough responses from UK companies. We usually expect companies to have their own stand, but we may be able to coordinate a shared stand/promotion.

Click here for images of the show and buyer sampler details.

To receive further details on the show from UKFT, please email: paul.alger@ukft.org

Going to an a German trade show in 2023? Click on the link below to learn about which support and grants may be available:

Exhibiting in Germany