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Tradeshow Support – How to show

UKFT is the Accredited Trade Organisation representing the UK fashion and textile industry. We are contracted to the Department for International Trade (DIT) to deliver the fashion and textile industry’s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP). As part of this, we identify the key international tradeshows which we believe are the most relevant for the broadest number of UK brands, both new exporters and those looking to enter new markets. The TAP scheme is one of the most popular Government schemes as it gives companies money from the taxpayer to take their collections to key international shows together with support from the industry.

We normally cover:

Support may be available for Shanghai Fashion Week. In some cases, we can also support some of the main multi-brand showrooms at Paris Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week as long as we have visited them and believe they would be suitable for UK brands.

UKFT prides itself on its impartiality and we visit most of the shows in the sector each year. This means we can give you up-to-date knowledge on the show and showroom scene, covering TAP supported and unsupported shows.

As part of our service to you, we will talk you through your tradeshow options by appointment at our central London offices (in Bloomsbury) or by phone. We will tell you which shows could work best for your business size and collection. We can explain whether shows are suitable for you, how they work, how to visit (and what you need to do to get in) and how to apply for vetting if you decide to show. We handle the grant application for you, promote you as part of the group, collect in your evidence of your show/showroom invoice(s) and proof of payment to show that you have paid the organiser and send the grant money onto you after the show when it is received. A small group promotion fee applies to all groups to ensure that we are present at the show to meet all of the various obligations to government and that the group is promoted to buyers and press.

Our “Making an Exhibition of Yourself” guide explains how tradeshows work. We also have a regular ShowTalk seminar, where we look in more depth at the TAP-supported tradeshow programme we offer. When you are ready to show, we offer one-to-one meetings to talk about specific tradeshows and help you to visit or apply. Our Practical Exporting seminar explains the export basics that you will need to know before you show. Go to our events section to view the latest seminar programme and dates.

If you would like more information on tradeshows, please contact us on laurian.davies@ukft.org

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