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Glenmuir at Project Tokyo


Since it was founded in 1891, when the very first piece of knitwear came off knitting frames in Lanark, Scotland, Glenmuir has committed itself to creating golfwear with impeccable care, skill and dedication to the craft.

Today Glenmuir is a leading Scottish brand for golf apparel to luxury clubs and resorts around the world. Glenmuir’s inspiration, both then and today, is to instil each piece of its expertly crafted golfwear with something of the essence of golf; traditional but forward-thinking, perfectly balanced, elegant and of course, Scottish to the core.


To this day, Glenmuir remains a family-run business dedicated to producing the finest golfwear. The company is proud to say that its clothing has been worn by champions at Augusta, winners of the Claret Jug, gladiators of the Ryder Cup and on the world’s leading courses; but we are equally proud to see Glenmuir clothing at local clubs, dressing beginners and professionals alike, of every level and generation, all coming together for the love of the game.


That is the spirit of golf. That is the spirit of Glenmuir.

Internationally Glenmuir mainly sells to golf courses but in Asia the preferred route is through department stores and agents.

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Visit the Glenmuir website www.glenmuir.com


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