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Gravalot: UK-based at Afro-Contemporary menswear in Paris June 2022


Gravalot is a UK-based Afro-Contemporary menswear label rooted in the historical exploration and progression of black cultures, which is showing at the Public Image PR Showroom in Paris from June 21-26.


The showroom is located at Public Image PR, 157 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France (by appointment) and there is a digital presentation on youtube.com/gravalot on June 26 2022 at 17:30 CET.

The UKFT member’s garments are crafted with local artisans while modern and traditional materials are adapted into contemporary designs ready for the international stage.


Gravalot’s sustainable developments

Providing products and services that preserve and sustain the environment has always been and will always be a core driver of Gravalot’s business model. Some of its ongoing efforts to reach net-zero emissions include removing plastics from all areas of the business, choosing suppliers with good environmental practices, and using fabrics and components with minimal environmental impact.

Gravalot pays its partners, suppliers and artisans fairly in accordance with their local prices and abhor any practices such as the use of slave labour or the deprivation and displacement of local communities. The nature of its work means Gravalot is always in contact with a diverse array of peoples, tribes, cultures, communities and customs, and in all instances the brand works without discrimination.

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