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UKFT Guide to China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law


UKFT has published a Guide to China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law for UK fashion and textile companies. This is available to UKFT members – to access your copy email info@ukft.org.

China’s new Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law potentially targets non-Chinese companies which make public statements condemning or outlawing the use of products made in Xinjiang province in Northern China, or in China as a whole if the company believes they could potentially be the result of Modern Slavery.

This document explains:

  • The complicated supply chain issues around Chinese cotton.
  • Issues around making Modern Slavery declarations and how they lead companies to consider making statements about Chinese production in their global supply chain.
  • The scope of the Chinese Anti-Foreign Sanctions.
  • What it means for companies bound by the UK’s Modern Slavery Act or which elect to make statements
  • Implications for companies of the US “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act”, December 2021.
  • Which UK companies are potentially affected
  • How UK fashion and textile brands and retailers can avoid being attacked under the law
  • What UKFT is doing with the UK Government and other partners to protect UK companies

Please also read UKFT’s separate Guide to Making Modern Slavery Statements.

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