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UKFT statement on HMRC fines for UK manufacturers


UK garment manufacturers have been forced to pay almost £90,000 to employees for the failing to pay the minimum wage.

An investigation led by HM Revenue & Customs found that 126 garment workers were paid wage arrears over a six-year period.

HMRC has 14 ongoing investigations and found underpayment in one in every four inspections, it said.

Adam Mansell, CEO of UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) said: “UKFT welcomes stronger enforcement action to eradicate unlawful practices and exploitation in the garment manufacturing sector.

“These bad practices are undermining the good work of many UK manufacturers which do operate within the law and are striving to produce excellent quality products at competitive prices. UK manufacturing is undergoing a renaissance but we need strong action to allow the industry to thrive.”

Last year, the Apparel and General Merchandise Public and Private Protocol was launched, which aims to combat labour exploitation in the garment supply chain. It brings various stakeholders in the supply chain together with enforcement bodies to raise awareness to prevent worker exploitation, protect vulnerable and exploited workers and disrupt exploitative practices and help bring criminals to justice.

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For more information, contact Tara.Hounslea@ukft.org.