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Hue & Mi for British Textile Week


Hue & Mi produces fun young print designs for all products, from fashion to home and stationery. The collection is unique and imaginative, and a lot of fun to create! Founder Sangita’s aim when creating her collection is to put a smile on your face and to create a collection that will spark conversation.

Hue & Mi Hue & Mi Hue & Mi

Hue & Mi was established in 2018. The owner, Sangita Bachelet, has been working in the industry for over 25 years as a freelance designer and licensed artist. Sangita can adapt any design to suit your needs and also frequently works with clients on commission work for those looking for bespoke ranges. Every client is treated with respect, no matter how big or small. All designs are layered PSD files and are finished to a high standard.

Sangita reflects on lockdown, sustainability issues and talks about her latest collection and new projects:

“This year’s collection has been diverse, as the requirements I received for designs have been very eclectic. Normally most of my designs go onto home and fashion fabrics, but this year new products required a different approach to design. 

Within children’s designs, there has been a strong leaning towards global environmental issues and education. The inspiration has come globally, and the idea of unity and peace has been a big influence and inspiration this year. The inspiration was deep and meaningful and was used in fun and colourful ways, creating designs that are vibrant and joyful. 

I have had the privilege to work in the textile industry for a long time, always adjusting my art style to adapt to the market trends over the years. I am so glad that the industry has evolved to become more eco-conscious, and that companies worldwide have advanced to take on responsibility for taking care of our planet and the messages they send out globally. The fashion/ textile industry is one of the biggest influencers in the world, and it is great to see that a greater number of companies are choosing to work more ethically and are conscious of their contribution to global warming. 

As a designer, I also have that responsibility to not only create beautiful art but also to be aware of how it is manufactured and the message it sends. 

Lockdown enabled me to use my contacts in the industry to help smaller companies survive by introducing them to each other. Whilst doing this, I was also fortunate to have met and partnered with a wonderful company in India, EKOPLAY and a British company, IHIG (Incredible Husk International Group). 

IHIG was formed to develop new and innovative biodegradable material to replace harmful plastic and bio-plastic materials. They take waste from crops, which is currently dumped, burnt or buried, and turn it into new biodegradable commercial materials, which can be used to produce a huge variety of products. 

IHIG, which is applying for the World Green Apple Award in November, is the only company working to produce a range of conceptual toys and textile accessories, as well as small parts of clothing and textile products that are often overlooked by the public and the industry. While the fabric suppliers are investigating how to grow organic cotton with lower water consumption and recycling clothes to reduce their environmental impact, IHIG is working together with partners like myself to make husk into buttons, zippers and buckles, etc. These products are made from an innovative negative carbon footprint biodegradable material and here is the clever bit, when the product comes to the end of its useful life it’s then turned into fertiliser to grow your fruits, vegetables and plants. How amazing, and what a fantastic development for our future! I am so honoured and excited to be working with them to design the first-ever buttons, zippers and buckles that can later be recycled in your garden as compost. 

“The textile/fashion industry, being one of the biggest influencers in the world, has the obligation to start changing the way we source and use our materials. IHIG is helping companies to do this.”

Hue & Mi


Hue & Mi



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