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Recovering Wool and Cashmere: Sustainability in UK Textiles


Dr John Parkinson, Founder of iinouiio, will present Recycling our past and creating a future: The move to recover wool and cashmere in the UK at the Sustainability in UK Textiles conference on 12 May 2022.

John Parkinson, innouiio, and Anthony Croall, Camira

Left to right: Anthony Croall, Camira pictured with John Parkinson, innouiio


The UK’s woollen ‘circular economy’ began circa 1813. 200 years later, wool recycling remains vital in our mission to reduce the millions of textile waste produced by the fashion and textile industry each year.    

In 2019, iinouiio (acronym: it is never over until it is over) was founded by John Parkinson, pioneer of the UK’s existing textile recycling trade with over 40 years’ experience in recycling wool and cashmere. iinouiio is the only traditional UK wool and cashmere waste manufacturer producing recycled fibres, yarns and fabrics and offering a bespoke R&D service to companies. 

iinouiio works with industry partners including UK manufacturers, designers, and retailers, introducing circular solutions to their unique pre- and post-consumer textile leftovers. 


Most recently, Camira Group has taken a majority stake in the company and now innouiio will install state-of-the-art wool textile reprocessing machinery within the Camira Yarns facility in Huddersfield. This textile reprocessing line will convert high value raw materials – from textile manufacturing waste and pre-loved wool and cashmere products – back into fibre which can then be re-spun into new yarn to make new fabric. It will be the first of its kind in the UK for more than 20 years.

In this session, John will explain how iinouiio is re-energising history, harnessing heritage, engaging in research and encouraging the UK textile industry to preserve the best of the old and develop new circular systems for the future.