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Iseabal Hendry: Zero waste leather accessories from the Scottish Highlands


Iseabal Hendry designs and makes handwoven leather accessories in the Scottish Highlands, taking inspiration from the traditional craft skills that she grew up with, from basket-weaving to boatbuilding to roof-thatching.

Iseabal Hendry

Her handwoven leatherwork is a labour of love; a time-consuming process that is meditative in its intricacy. Both her practice and life in the Highlands are acts of slowing down and taking a step back from day-to-day life.

Iseabal Hendry

Working by hand also gives Iseabal a deep understanding of materials. The organic process of vegetable tanning leather results in a unique patina which changes over time, dependent on how it’s handled. This ever-changing quality mirrors her landscape, which continually transforms with the shifting light.

Iseabal Hendry

Iseabal’s practice originated from a desire for zero-waste. By weaving very thin strips of leather with cotton, she can make use of the entire hide with almost no wastage. She sources all of her materials within Europe, and some even closer to home in Scotland. Sourcing locally not only ensures a lower carbon footprint, but also a better knowledge of the supply chain and those within it.

Her work weaves together environmental values, a modern aesthetic based on time-honoured techniques and materials, with the landscape that continually inspires her to make.

Find out more at www.iseabalhendry.com

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