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K V Manufacturing for British Textile Week


K V Manufacturing is a contemporary sock manufacturer based in South England and was established in 2014 under the umbrella of Thai Sock Co. Ltd, a well-known manufacturer in the sock industry. The United Kingdom was once at the heart of the sock and hosiery industry and K V Manufacturing is proud to bring back sock production to the UK, with a modernised approach to fit new century expectations.

The company offers men’s women’s, fashion and sport socks, which all start with the company’s R&D team to meet customer requirements in terms of raw materials, functionality, and design. K V Manufacturing offers various selections of materials including cotton, nylon, cashmere, etc.

K V Manufacturing


At the factory, skilled technicians monitor the latest technology automatic link machines. The technicians are not only responsible for maintenance but also involved in quality excellence and efficiency.

K V Manufacturing

Washing Process

The washing process is added to ensure the socks meet high standards. K V Manufacturing controls this process to minimise the usage of chemicals and water wastage whilst still meeting customer requirements.

K V Manufacturing


The boarding machine plays an important role to set sock sizes. The company’s internal process adjusts all factors in controlling the boarding machine to adjust for each sock size and style.

K V Manufacturing

Embellishment and Packing

K V Manufacturing offers a heat transfer service for its customers’ socks for personalised company branding, and provides a hand-finished packaging service.

K V Manufacturing K V Manufacturing


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