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Kynoch of Scotland: Preserving for future generations


For generations Kynoch of Scotland has enjoyed working with only natural fibres. The firm, part of the SIL Group, takes considerable pride in making cloth using conscientious methods of production and design which respect people and the environment, preserving the planet’s natural resources.

Kynoch of Scotland

Kynoch relishes the original Noble Fibre – Wool – with its thermal wicking properties to keep us cool in summer and warm in winter. Its mechanical stretch bred in the very DNA of the coiled spring like fibre – no Lycra here! Its strength, lustre, and endurance. At the end of its life, wool naturally returns to the soil quietly releasing valuable nutrients back into the ground. The richness of this fibre comes from within.

Kynoch of Scotland

“From Farm to Fabric”, Kynoch of Scotland continues to move towards full traceability and sustainability across all its cloth qualities. Starting with the much-loved Heritage Twist Bunch, originally created in the 1800s, these qualities have excited design teams and customers for many years as company has continued to develop them in natural finishes, Summer Panama’s, and the Grandfather of overcoatings.

Kynoch of Scotland

The original multi coloured twist quality provides inspiration to this day, and Kynoch appreciates the character and life cycle of these qualities. Heritage Twist is available in yarns spun from RWS certified wools. The RWS is a voluntary global standard that addresses the environmental and animal welfare. Having RWS certification provides complete traceability of wool from farm to fabric. The mark of RWS confirms that the farms have followed land management techniques to protect the biodiversity, the quality of the grazing soil and a respect for the welfare of the sheep and the welfare of the farming teams.

At the heart of any business are people – from its teams of weavers to our suppliers and customers, Kynoch of Scotland is working in partnership to continually measure, improve and minimise its global impact. Meeting and exceeding the environmental legislation and codes of practice, both written and those born from generations of knowledge and integrity.

Kynoch of Scotland

Spun from the heart and woven from the soul for generations, Kynoch of Scotland celebrates true artisanship in noble cloth qualities that only become richer in character with time, and looks positively to the future in this wonderful world.

Find out more at www.kynochofscotland.co.uk.

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