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Member Spotlight : Ambar’s New Collaboration with Camilla Walala


Based in East London, UKFT member Ambar is a homeware and lifestyle brand as well as a textile development studio. Founded by Natalia Nicolau, the brand plays with patterns, textures and styles while being inspired by traditional techniques such as hand-weaving and embroidery. Natalia’s love for fashion and architecture transpires in each of its designs.

Ambar launched a collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Camilla Walala, on the 11th of October. The capsule collection of knitted textiles for the table and home includes colourful and almost-architectural designs.

Natalia explained:

“I especially loved the idea of bringing Camille’s artworks that play with illusions of 3D depth to something that would otherwise be a flat object, and then playing with colour to emphasise shape and texture of each piece.”


The story of this collaboration goes back to 2021, when Natalia first approached Camille with an idea: translating the artist’s architectural and installation works into smaller objects. That led to the creation of vibrant cushions, throws, table runners and placemats that bring a joyful energy to the home.

“For me, it was interesting to think about a homeware collection as normally when I design paintings outdoors, I want them to be admired from a distance. But the level of detail is very different when creating a collection like this one, with a much more intricate process looking in depth at colours, pattern and yarns in minute detail,” said Camille.

The collection Ambar + Walala is a limited edition, click on the link below to discover it:


Ambar is a UKFT member. Interested in UKFT membership? Find out more here.