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Member Spotlight: BASMA


BASMA was born out of love for colour and fashion. Created and made in the UK , each design is inspired by Basma Alshather’s background as an artist, coupled with the memories of wearing her mother’s scarves as a young girl which was the stepping stone in creating beautiful and forward thinking collection of silk scarves.


The essence of BASMA is to make women feel special and celebrate their amazing selves. Timeless, in style and luxury by nature, a BASMA scarf is a modern interpretation of a quintessential luxury, capable of transforming a look in many different ways with effortless elegance.


BASMA scarves are an expression of beauty, femininity and imagination, defined by a natural delicacy, hand-painted strokes which serves as a canvas for the artistry. This marriage of Art and Fashion is at the heart of BASMA and captures the current mood for artisan craftsmanship, individuality and easy to wear in luxury fashion.


Each design is a unique work of art. The intuitive and spontaneous artistic process is central to Basma’s DNA.

“My art is experimental with the aim to create a thought provoking and wistful images of beauty,” says Basma Alshather. ’The interpretation of each print is entirely down to the wearer, who may see simplicity or complexity depending on their perspective”.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection of head turning merino wool scarves has been launched with the emphasis on seasonless fashion.


All of the scarves are made in the UK, supporting local economy and advocating the superior quality of British-made fashion. Collaborating with suppliers steeped in history and heritage and building relationships is vital for the brand.

BASMA scarves are available to view at Angela Quaintrell Showroom.

As an emerging British designer, Basma exemplifies not only the appetite for British-made product, but the renaissance of the scarf as an everyday modern luxury. The luxury brand arrives on the scene at a time when the worlds of fashion and art are colliding, while consumers seek timeless style and modern luxury in pursuit of individuality.


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