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UKFT Member Spotlight: Firehorse


Launching with a range of twelve scarves made in collaboration with four brilliant designers (Emma Kendall, Anni Taverner, Sheroze Iqbal and Rachel Parker), Firehorse aims to celebrate the very best of contemporary British designs and British artisan manufacturing, creating exquisite hand-finished investment pieces.

Designers are chosen for their fresh approach to textile design and high level of originality. The result is a collection that is diverse, sophisticated, and universal, whilst also managing to be modern yet timeless.

Each scarf is hand-made in Macclesfield, a city with a silk heritage spanning four centuries, from a fine, delicate-sheen silk satin sourced from and woven in the traditional silk-producing villages of China. Local limestone waters are used to gently wash the silk, enhancing its lustre, and the designs are then printed on to the fabric. Each individual product is hand-finished by a team of artisans who softly roll the edges and painstakingly apply hundreds of fine stitches for the perfect finish.  This full process ensures a luxurious yet subtle and elegant structure and drape.


Instagram: @firehorse.fashion