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Member Spotlight: Johnstons of Elgin


Family-owned company Johnstons of Elgin, established in 1797, marries its rich Scottish heritage with a commitment to innovation to bring its customers the highest quality products that are made to last for more than a lifetime. The company’s retail outlets span the globe, with five in the UK, including Bond Street, London and Edinburgh’s Multrees Walk.

Johnstons of Elgin is the only vertical mill in Scotland, taking raw fibre through every stage of the manufacturing process to perfectly finished products on-site, using skills and techniques passed down through generations. Knitted garments are manufactured at the company’s Hawick mill in the Scottish borders where innovative Whole Garment Technology allows many of the products to be made entirely seam free, while other items are finished by hand using traditional methods.

The brand’s rich heritage and traditions balance with contemporary design and innovation; the experience gleaned from more than two centuries of craftsmanship meeting state of the art technology. The beauty of their products goes far beyond the surface, and such quality can’t be rushed. Consistency and attention to detail ensure the longevity of everything they make, the embodiment of slow luxury guaranteeing well-made pieces that will last for more than a lifetime.

Website: www.johnstonsofelgin.com
Instagram: @johnstonsofelgin