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Member Spotlight: Responsible | Making Streetwear More Sustainable


UKFT member Responsible takes circularity to a whole other level. The Belfast-based resale platform provides authentic and high-quality refurbished streetwear. They certify, repair and clean designer pieces to offer their customers a great re-shopping experience while focusing on their mission: make fashion more sustainable. The Responsible team explained:

“Responsible believe in a circular future for fashion. Through their world leading tech and cutting edge repair capabilities, they work with fashion’s top brands to keep clothes and accessories in use for longer.”


Moving Towards a Circular Future

Circularity has become a hot topic in the fashion industry, these past few years. Simply put, circularity in fashion means that every stage of a product’s life and end-of-life has been taken into account. An unwanted product does not end up in a landfill anymore. It will instead be reused, recycled or refurbished to enter a new life cycle.

What does it mean, in practice, for Responsible?

“With a repair lab in Belfast and connections throughout Europe and beyond, the team in Responsible are building a network capable of transforming the resale landscape. Responsible ensure that anything they sell or that their partners create, comes with a Buy Back reward when you send it back.

They take the product, refurbish and resell it. If that can’t be done, they recycle the materials in a responsible way. The time is now for brands to sustainably offer their customers wardrobe rotation with incentives, Responsible are using their tech and repair capabilities to provide that service.”


Finding Solutions to Reach Sustainability Goals

Responsible stocks a wide range of streetwear brands, including Stone Island, Supreme, Stüssy, Palace, Nike, Rains and more. The team said:

“We work with brands who are looking for solutions to their sustainability goals by collaborating closely with them to make our Buy Back program and resale opportunities a successful part of their business.

We joined UKFT to continue to build our knowledge of the industry, from production to sustainable advances, and are excited to be a part of the conversation around resale, repair and recycling for textiles in the UK.”


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