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Pineapple leaf leather alternative Piñatex turns waste into opportunity


Ananas Anam, the UK-based company behind pineapple leather alternative Piñatex, is scaling up production to meet current and future demand from the fashion, upholstery and automotive sectors.


The company has recently partnered with Dole Sunshine Company to collect and extract of fibre from pineapple leaves from Dole’s farms in Philippines, one of the largest pineapple plantations in the world.

Melanie Broyé-Engelkes, CEO of Ananas Anam, said: “Through our partnership with Dole, our entity in the Philippines will access a much larger volume of pineapple leaf fibres, to meet the ever-increasing demand for Piñatex not only in fashion, but also in the upholstery and automotive sectors. Working closely with Dole’s teams on the ground will help us to create a wider positive social impact among farming communities and to continuously reduce our environmental footprint by valorising waste at scale”,

Ananas Anam is also now carbon neutral, having reduced its carbon footprint by 42% and offset all remaining carbon emissions by planting an Ananas Anam forest across six developing countries in partnership with Treedom. It became B-Corp certified in 2020.

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