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Apply for QEST funding for craft training


If you are a talented and aspiring maker, you can apply for up to £18,000 to further your training and education from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST). This can cover traditional college courses, vocational training, apprenticeships or one-to-one training.

View the Directory for a flavour of the types of crafts and standard the programme has funded so far. It includes fashion and costume design, pattern cutting, knitwear design, bespoke tailoring, textiles, embroidery, kiltmaking, weaving, print design, jewellery, leather work, millinery and shoe making.

QEST encourages applications from a broad range of crafts and is particularly interested to hear from those embarking on contemporary craftsmanship and innovative applications of traditional craft techniques.

QEST supports excellence in British craftsmanship through scholarship and apprenticeship funding, striving to make a difference to the lives and careers of talented and aspiring makers working across the UK.

UKFT’s Deputy Chairman, Ian Maclean, Managing Director at John Smedley, is also a QEST trustee and treasurer.

Over the last 30 years QEST has awarded over £5 million to more than 650 individuals working in 130 different disciplines.

Visit www.qest.org.uk/apply for detail and apply before the deadline of 5pm on 14 February 2021.