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UKFT Rise – Founder Feature with BYSANDS


Meet UKFT Rise subscriber BYSANDS: a collaborative, environmentally sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, created with a passion for nature and textile design. The brand is co-founded by Sigita Kaleth and Sandra Yagdzhiyants: textile designers specialising in knit and print respectively.


The brand’s shared belief is that nature and natural form must be embraced, respected and preserved. From the rural hinterlands of Lithuania to the wild coasts and rolling Downs of Sussex, unique heritage and culture are the beating heart of everything BYSANDS does.

Uninhibited by fashion seasons, each garment starts like a small seed that needs careful tending, mindful of nature’s own cycles, tones, and textures. The BYSANDS process is textile-led, guided by what nature has offered when sourcing fabrics, yarns, and dyes. Collections harmonise nature’s awe-inspiring beauty with the customer’s own natural form – resulting in garments that both look and feel incredible to wear.

BYSANDS is actively avoiding over-production, garments are primarily made-to-order in the atelier or produced in partnership with specialists in the UK.

Read Sigita and Sandra’s feature with UKFT Rise below:


Brand is based in: Brighton, East Sussex

Our background is in: Both co-founders have a background in Textile Design specialising in Print and Knit design. We are graduates of Brighton University.

We decided to start our own business because: We graduated during the pandemic, which felt very uncertain to venture out into the industry to work for someone else and commuting to London was not an option as we both have children and wanted to stay closer to family. We both always worked alongside each other and naturally decided to join our creative forces to make something beautiful together.

Something that really helped in getting our business off the ground is: We both have long rooted passion for quality and craftsmanship; working with hands whether it might be embroidery or hand knitting or working with natural dyes. We believed that in the industry there is a space for the brand that brings textile design to the forefront and feels modern but timeless at the same time. And obviously encouragement from friends and family.

Our biggest success so far has been: A collaboration between us both and bringing together like-minded people to work towards our vision for BYSANDS. The feedback after launching our website is very encouraging and we hope our physical space will be a great space to celebrate our brand and bring the community together.

An area of business we’d like to gain more knowledge of is: We are both bilingual and English is not our first language, therefore, knowing the specific business language sometimes can feel overwhelming and it is an area definitely want to gain more knowledge.

We joined UKFT Rise because: Being a small business we think is very important to have strong community support. That is why we subscribed to UKFT Rise. That feeling that other people go through the same thing is very much reassuring and encouraging. And it is exciting to know there are opportunities to meet and greet other founders and share your story.

Something happening in the industry that’s inspiring us right now is: There is a strong shift focusing on human connection with nature and land. Perhaps it is driven by the post-pandemic lethargy or climate change – we don’t know for sure, but we are happy to be an advocate of this movement and help to bring focus to the consumers of that connection to nature via their wardrobe choices.

One thing we wish we’d known before launching is: How you will have to be very patient with the process until the vision comes to life.

Success for us looks like: BYSANDS is accepted in the industry as a righteous member that is celebrating craftsmanship, championing sustainable practices and textile-forward designs together with a loyal customer base who really appreciates their made-to-measure pieces, wearing them with pride.

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The founders of BYSANDS are UKFT Rise subscribers. If you are a new brand that has been trading for less than three years, click here.