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UKFT Rise – Get To Know ELAN Lingerie


Meet Jemima Ellis (26) founder of ELAN Lingerie, the luxury bamboo lingerie brand with a design ethos of empowering women after breast cancer.

Jemima decided to start her own business after watching her mum struggle to find beautiful, fashionable lingerie pieces after a mastectomy in 2016. She wanted to change the stigma that surrounds post-surgery lingerie and launched ELAN Lingerie in 2021 to offer undies and mastectomy bras that are beautiful, sexy and super comfy – and all made in London!

“After breast cancer surgery women are thrown into an unknown world of post-surgery bras and it can be distressing at a time when you feel your femininity has been taken away. As the founder, I want to bring you a one stop shop for beautiful post-surgery bras that make you feel special! ELAN truly comes from my heart and my wonderful mother is at the centre of everything I create for ELAN.”

Read Jemima’s feature with UKFT Rise below:

ELAN Lingerie