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UKFT Rise – Get To Know Ellis + Noronha


Meet Charlie Ellis (23) and Abigail Noronha (23), founders of Ellis + Noronha – the contemporary hand embroidered couture fashion brand, which also offers a high-quality, commission service.

Ellis + Noronha Ellis + Noronha

Charlie and Abigail launched their brand in 2019 and are among a small number of graduates from The Royal School of Needlework, and have a vast knowledge of traditional embroidery techniques which can be applied to contemporary fashion trends and utilised with a fresh new approach.

With three years of training in this field, alongside extensive industry experience, their skill set is unique and of a very high standard, making their pieces completely original.

Ellis + Noronha Ellis + Noronha

The founders support an ethical standpoint of buying less and buying better and would like to promote a change to the fast fashion culture. Their work is about treasuring and nurturing the British craftsmanship of hand embroidery and gaining support for trained practitioners like themselves. They aim to show the skill level and quality of embroidery that can be produced in London and demonstrate how traditional embroidery can be seen in a contemporary fashion context.

Read Charlie and Abigail’s feature with UKFT Rise below:

Ellis + Noronha