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UKFT Rise – Get To Know Lanny X Studio


Meet Allana McGowan (28), founder of Lanny X Studio – the handmade fashion, accessories and homewares brand that uses UK-sourced fabrics and sustainable principles such as up-cycling and repurposing.

Lanny X Studio

Allana, a designer and maker based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, launched her company in 2020.

“As well as turning old fabric into new or unused fabric into reused, I love to mix them with new elements that I source locally supporting other small businesses,”  says Allana.

Lanny X Studio Lanny X Studio

“I also have a system for collecting and dividing my cut waste so I can reuse it in future designs or if it’s not salvageable, I send it to a UK-based recycling company that makes sure the scraps get properly recycled, being turned into things such as cloth and stuffing. One hope for the future is creating a circular model for my waste textiles and seeing them turned into new fabric.”

Read Allana’s feature with UKFT Rise below:

Lanny X Studio