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UKFT Rise – Get To Know The 4th Planet


Meet Marsio Bellizzi, founder of The 4th Planet – the streetwear brand born from transformative technology and new media’s undeniable influence on visual language. The brand represents a vision of the future streamlined into the present, driven by an intention to reflect youth identities through aesthetics that rebound between the digital and the physical.


Officially launched in 2019, The 4th Planet collections are silkscreen printed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal. The designs are a construct of multiple parts, constantly shifting and reconnecting to form new and unique configurations.

“We are perpetually redefining and reframing; everything we create is a unique combination of diverse dynamics. The potentiality of the output is unpredictable and cannot be contained,” says Marsio.


Inspired by the fearless ambition of space travel, The 4th Planet is constantly pushing the frontiers of its designs and how they are created. “The journey is our goal. The result is not yet known.” Once a design has sold out, it is not recreated.

Read Marsio’s feature with UKFT Rise below: