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ROCIO: Committed to the circular fashion economy


Rocio is a luxury eco-fashion label founded & based in Scotland. The brand’s unique direction is to combine creativity and artistry to make its designs the definition of sustainable fashion.


Founded in Scotland on 26th May 2006 by Scottish designer Hamish G Menzies. The brand’s debut handbag collection was launched in London at the iconic “Pure” exhibition in August 2006 with an artistic direction “to create an exclusive collection of sustainable designs that would return fashion to the arts”. Upon its debut, ROCIO was invited the following season by the British fashion council to showcase a collection at the prestigious London Fashion week exhibition.

Since the brand’s launch in London the “ROCIO” collections have gone from strength to strength, regularly featured in high fashion publications Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and always in demand by international stylists for red carpet events. The collections are seasonally presented during London and Paris prestigious fashion fairs. The highly creative and unique designs are now being sold by the world’s most luxurious and highly fashionable boutiques including L’Eclaireur and Le Bon Marche in Paris (pictured below).


ROCIO signature wood designs are individually sculpted from fast growing sustainable acacia wood over a unique nineteen stage process with individual creation times of four to six weeks. It is this extraordinary attention to detail that truly defines the Rocio brand. It ensures that each client receives not only an accessory with a breath-taking aesthetic but a unique work of art epitomising eco-luxury & glamour in its purest sense.

The designs are for generations to enjoy without consuming the planet’s resources and being discarded creating waste. We are fully committed to a circular fashion economy and to reducing waste. In 2019, we were proud to receive the first ever “Circular Economy” award by Zero Waste Scotland for our nurture nature initiatives. For every mature tree harvested by the environment of natural resources and witnessed by a forest ranger up to 50 tree saplings are planted. “Nature grows with every Rocio bag”.

Rocio SS21

Nurture nature, “a bag for life” initiative by investing time, artisan techniques and a creative direction utilising sustainable resources we can bring awareness to how special and how beautiful this aesthetic can be and that if managed correctly can stand the test of time. Rocio designs can proudly age with us, be cherished and passed down through the generations.

In a world where products are mass produced and designed to fail, continually consuming the planet’s resources we at ROCIO believe our products are better served in an art form where their values appreciate over time. The designs become collectable and can be restored and resold rather than constantly being discarded and replaced.

Think Sustainability. Think Scotland for fashion and textiles