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Royal Visit and Award Win for Scottish knitwear brand ERIBÉ


ERIBÉ Knitwear won the FSB (Federation of Small Business) International Business Award on same day as welcoming HRH The Princess Royal to open the company’s premises in Melrose. Despite Covid, the firm has have trebled sales to retailers and customers in Europe, China, Australia, and across the UK.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

ERIBÉ Knitwear is a designer knitwear brand known for colours and visual stories, offering a modern take on Scottish heritage, particularly the Fairisle patterns, which evoke a nostalgic memory of Scotland’s wild, natural beauty.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

HRH The Princess Royal in her role as President of the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) visited both ERIBÉ Knitwear and ERIBÉ Manufacturing (fondly called Woolly Towers) in Melrose, Scotland, on 31st March 2022.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

On the same day Shona Forrester, sales manager, collected The International Business Award from FSB (Federation of Small Business). “This is a fantastic recognition for many years of working with our customers worldwide. We are all so delighted to win such a prestigious award.”

ERIBÉ Knitwear was established in 1986 by Rosemary Eribé after graduating from The Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels. With no prior knowledge or experience in business, Rosemary persevered and her craft-made knitwear has now become a global brand. Her vision of 36 years ago has come to fruition.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

Rosemary’s mantra has long been: “It’s all about the people: so know and understand your customers well.” By working harmoniously together as a team, from the wool producer to the wearer, ERIBÉ aims to provide a unique artisan experience that brings joy to the wearer.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

ERIBÉ Knitwear have expanded their own factory and opened a showroom/headquarters in Melrose, where the public can see, and try on, the brand’s unique knitwear. The 200-year-old property has been extensively developed with a reading library, café space and landscaped outdoor terrace providing a unique and rewarding visitor experience.

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

Rosemary Eribé (CEO and founder) said: “It was a huge privilege and so exciting to introduce my growing team to HRH The Princess Royal. She took time to speak with each of us individually. It was a fabulous occasion that we all enjoyed. The energy and joy were palpable!”

Royal visit to UKFT member Eribe

She added: “Textile manufacturing in Scotland today is regionally diverse, it employs 8200 people, in 562 companies and contributes £844 million to the Scottish economy, Like many other companies our business strategy is based on quality, luxury, contemporary design, heritage, performance, innovation and increasingly sustainability.”

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