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About the review

UKFT is conducting a review into the apprenticeship frameworks in Wales and Northern Ireland, as the current model needs to be aligned to the specific needs of the industry and the relevant government strategy.

This follows the National Occupational Standards review for apparel and textiles undertaken by UKFT in 2020.

These frameworks cover training across a wide range of job roles across the industry, from sewing machinists and garment technologists to materials cutters, textile operatives and technicians.

UKFT is working with employers and stakeholders to carry out the review, which covers technical skills, delivery and support.

This project is more than a review of content and qualifications, we also aim to deliver a pastoral and promotional role to help meet employer demand and ensure the sector has centres to deliver the training.

How will the review be carried out?

UKFT is bringing together a steering group of employers, training providers and key stakeholders to review the current framework and review revised draft. Following further consultation, UKFT will create a final draft and seek employer approval. UKFT will submit the final draft to government bodies for approval. The project is now underway and concludes in March 2022.

Who and what will be involved?

UKFT will manage the review process with support from national strategic bodies. The steering group will be made up of apparel and textiles employers from across the industry, training providers and stakeholders in both Wales and Northern Ireland.

When does the consultation close?

Wednesday 12th January