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Guides, Resources and Information

Stay ahead of new developments, support delivery and staff CPD with professional guides, toolkits, templates and seminars from UKFT and UKFT Rise.

UKFT Education Partners have full access to the following for all members of the team. Browse what’s available here and get in touch to request access.

UKFT Rise Resources

  • UKFTRise-How To Protect Your IP
  • UKFTRise-Tips On Becoming A Sustainable Business
  • UKFTRise-Business Plan Template
  • UKFTRise-Working With Investors
  • UKFTRise-Growing A Team
  • UKFT Rise – Coffee Break Catch Up – Pop-ups
  • UKFTRise-Getting Your Business Ready To Wholesale
  • UKFTRise-How to Prepare For Buyers
  • UKFTRise-Tradeshows-Showrooms-Agents
  • UKFT Rise – Building Brand Awareness And Understanding Your Customer
  • Starting a Business

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UKFT Resources


  • UKFT – Working with agents and distributors in the EU post-Brexit
  • UKFT Brexit Guidance Toolkit 2021
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to EU Tradeshows- Handling samples stand fittings and personnel
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to Inward and Outward Processing (IPR and OPR)
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to Returned Goods Relief
  • UKFT Guide to Rules of Origin for Trading with the EU
  • UKFT Brexit Guide to the Implications of Free Circulation
  • UKFT Guide to ATA Carnets
  • UKFT Guide to claiming Origin under the UK-EU TCA agreement
  • UKFT Guide to Design Protection Post-Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to EU Responsible Company (EURC) Requirements
  • UKFT Guide to Garment Labelling in the EU post Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to Immigration and Movement of People post-Brexit
  • UKFT Guide to the new EU Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)
  • UKFT Guide to the UK Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP)
  • UKFT Outward Processing Relief


Business Advice

  • The UKFT Guide to Exhibiting at International Tradeshows
  • UKFT Fashion Routes To Market Comparative Pricing
  • UKFT Guide- How to open a store and get the best deal
  • UKFT guide to assessing if you are ready for investment
  • UKFT Guide to Design Protection
  • UKFT Guide to Making Modern Slavery Statements
  • UKFT Guide to the new Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • UKFTs Recommendations for Online Tech Apps and Creative Resources
  • UKFT-Zedonk Resource- July 2021
  • Vegan Society. The rise of Vegan Fashion 2021
  • UKFTs Compendium of Industry Statistics and Analysis 2020 Executive Summary


Care labelling

  • Ginetex world map
  • Made in Turkiye update January 2023
  • UKFT Guide to Garment Labelling in the EU post Brexit


HR and employment

  • COVID19 early outbreak management action card for factories
  • Internships-Best Practice Guide for Industry
  • UKFT Draft Contract of Employment
  • UKFT Draft Redundancy Policy -June 2020
  • UKFT HR & Employment
  • UKFT HR Employment Update – Q2 2021
  • UKFT HR Employment Update- Q1 2021
  • UKFT Leave Entitlement for Employees -June 2020
  • UKFT Redundancy Checklist – June 2020
  • UKFT Redundancy Ready Reckoner
  • UKFT-Draft Bullying Policy
  • UKFT-Draft Contract For Homeworkers Terms And Conditions Of Employment 13. UKFT-Draft Disciplinary Procedure
  • UKFT-Draft Equal Opportunities Policy
  • UKFT-Draft Grievance Procedure
  • UKFT-Draft Harassment Policy
  • UKFT-Draft Harassment Policy
  • UKFT-Guide To Employment
  • UKFT-HR&Employment-Update-Q3-2020
  • UKFT-Statement Of Terms And Conditions Of Employment


International business

  • UKFT Briefing Note on international tradeshows in the EU
  • UKFT Briefing Note on Changes to French VAT Feb 2022
  • UKFT Briefing Note on the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • UKFT Briefing on Russia and Ukraine
  • UKFT Guide to calculating a wholesale landed DDP price for the EU
  • UKFT Guide to China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law
  • UKFT Guide to claiming Origin under the UK-EU TCA agreement
  • UKFT Guide to EPR Schemes
  • UKFT Guide to EPR, Triman and waste management of textile products in France
  • UKFT Guide to New French Law on Environmental Labelling
  • UKFT Paris Fashion Week Report – October 2021
  • UKFT Report from PFW Men’s June 2022
  • UKFT Report from Pitti Uomo – June 2022
  • UKFT Report from Pitti Uomo and Pitti Bimbo Jan 22
  • UKFT Report from Premiere Vision July 22
  • UKFT Report on the Chicago Collective Menswear Show 7-9 August 2022
  • UKFT-Canada Roundtable – July 2021
  • UKFT- USA Roundtable – July 2021
  • UKFT Update on the DIT Internationalisation Fund
  • UKFT Paris Fashion Week Report – October 2021
  • UKFT Fashion Routes to Market Flowchart



  • UKFT guide to assessing if you are investment ready


Making Sales

  • Growing B2C international sales globally UKFT and Global-e
  • UKFT Glossary and Explanations of Selling Terms
  • UKFT Guide to trade credit insurance
  • UKFT Guide to Digital Wholesale


Marketing, PR and Social media

  • UKFT – Sharing press articles and copyright infringement
  • UKFT Guide to introducing your brand to the press
  • UKFT tips on building a lifestyle brand


Terms and conditions

  • UKFT Example of Customer Terms & Conditions
  • UKFT Example of Privacy Policy Documents
  • UKFT Example of Website Terms of Service
  • UKFT Wholesale Example Terms & Conditions (TCs)


Trade Agreements

  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Morocco Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-South Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Tunisia Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Turkey Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT Guide to the UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT UK-Turkey Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT-UK-Canada Continuity TCA Free Trade Agreement
  • UKFT-UK-EU Free Trade Agreement

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