CAPITB Trust works with various industry leading bodies to support the development of skills in the fashion and textile sector. CAPITB Trust accepts applications for grants from individuals and businesses of all sizes. The Board of industry experts considers every application and welcomes any application that demonstrates how the fund can be used to enhance the skill base and capability of the fashion and textile industry.

CAPITB Trust is interested in grant applications from the following:

  • Companies within the British Fashion and Textile Industry who need financial assistance to provide a training programme for skills.
  • Organisations running, or intending to run competitions that promote the development of skills needed by the British Fashion and Textile Industry.
  • Other Awarding Bodies related to skills development, where combined funding leads to enhanced benefits to the Industry.
  • Individuals to enable them to enter and/or complete a training programme that will provide them with the skills required by the Industry. An employer capable and willing to provide the required training must be identified.
  • Individuals already employed within the Industry, who need to acquire additional skills which will advance their career and service to the Fashion and Textile sector. A capable and willing training provider must be identified.


For more information and how to apply please visit CapitB website or