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UKFT Futures

A new platform all about jobs and careers in the fashion and textile industry launching this autumn…


At UKFT Futures you will able able to Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Hired. Until then find out about businesses and jobs in the industry below.

Watch this space for UKFT Futures!

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Get Inspired

Find out more about some of the amazing businesses in the fashion and textile industry – what they do and the people who work there.

Get Informed

10 reasons to choose a career in UK fashion and textiles

  1. Major global industry contributing £28 billion to UK economy
  2. Areas vary hugely from fashion to interiors, environmental to medical and automotive to construction
  3. UK designers are considered some of the best in the world and British manufacturing is synonymous with heritage and quality
  4. Wide range of career options including design, product developers, engineers, production technicians, technologists, journalism and retail
  5. Demand for skilled workers is rising – statistics show continued steady growth in employment on an annual basis
  6. Textile innovation in the UK is ranked number 3 in the world and number 1 in Europe based on patent generation
  7. Spending on Research and Development in the industry stands at 5% of turnover, which is above the average for all manufacturing industries
  8. Technical textiles contributing £1.5 billion – £2 billion a year to the UK economy and there is major growth opportunities for UK companies in medical textiles, advanced materials and composites and smart textiles
  9. Exports are on the increase, continuing the upward traction as the demand for ‘Made in the UK’ grows. Apparel exports have more than doubled since 2008
  10. Wider opportunities to travel, earn while you learn with an array of training available and understand all aspects of business

Get Hired

Find out more about some of the the key job roles in the fashion and textile industry – what the job entails, what you might earn and what opportunities for progression in the sector there are.

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