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UKFT’s Sewing Team Leader Training Course

UKFT has developed a training course for sewing machinist team leaders to meet the growing demand for industrial sewing skills within UK manufacturers.

The course, aimed at sewing team leaders and supervisors, provides a structured programme to support the delivery of in-house training to new industrial sewing machinists. It also offers practical techniques to reduce learning time for new workers and improve the efficiency of experienced staff. 

The development of this course is part of UKFT’s  wider work, as the Sector Skills Body for fashion and textiles, to ensure the skills and productivity of people who work in our industry are of the highest level.

UKFT’s training supports Burberry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence
UKFT is  proud to have supported the new Burberry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, which launched in February 2020 at their Castleford site in Yorkshire as part of a commitment to protect artisanal skills and support British manufacturing.

UKFT delivered the Sewing Team Leader Training Course to Trainers and Team Leaders at the centre to enable the delivery of a new, formalised industrial sewing machinist development programme, as well as providing practical techniques to refresh and expand the skillset of experienced sewing operatives.

“Partnering with UKFT has been key in bringing this initiative to life and we are proud of the impact the programme is already having, and will continue to have, on our local community.”
Lise Edwards-Warrener, VP Internal Manufacturing, Burberry

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This training is designed for UK manufacturing businesses and delivery is tailored to each businesses. The duration of training depends on how delivery is scheduled and how many participants are included. It can be delivered on site or we can work with groups of employers to arrange group training at a central location.

The cost of the programme is based on the number of participants. 

If you would like more information or to discuss how this programme could work within your business (or group of businesses) please contact skillsandtraining@ukft.org.