Discover Fashion Apprenticeships in England

The UK apparel manufacturing industry is in high demand and a steady growth is predicted to continue, with multiple factors responsible – the rise of fast fashion demanding a responsive, local supply base; a rapid move towards demonstrating a transparent and ethical supply chain and an increasing consumer led demand for ‘Made in the UK’.

Although the UK has a well earned reputation for high-end, small volume production, the sector also supplies high street retailers demanding higher production volumes and shorter lead times.

Across the UK, fashion manufacturing employs over 43,000 people within nearly 3,900 companies. In order to optimise on current opportunities, the infrastructure and workforce must expand accordingly.

The apparel manufacturing industry relies on skilled individuals, trained to a high level and research indicates there is a need for thousands of new entrants. The most in-demand roles are:

  • Sewing Machinist
  • Sample Machinist
  • Cloth Cutter
  • Fashion & Textiles Product Technologist
  • Fashion & Textiles Pattern Cutter

Other Apprenticeships: There are many other apprenticeships available that cover roles in the industry these include finance and accountancy, business administration, web development, logistics and warehousing.

Many businesses have traditionally relied upon informal training but it has now become easier and more effective than ever to bring people into these roles by using apprenticeships.

The industry has recently come together to ensure the training on offer is up to date and fit for purpose for these key roles. The following new apprenticeship standards have been developed and there are many more are in the pipeline.

Entering the industry through any of the apparel manufacturing apprenticeships can lead on to a wide range of opportunities across creative, development and management roles.

Fashion Apprenticeships Available