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Production Sewing Machinist Programme - online

UKFT’s Production Sewing Machinist Programme has been developed to help meet the rising demand for industrial sewing skills. It recognises and highlights the value and importance of production sewing skills to the future of the sector. Aiming to instil commitment to a career within the stitching industry, integrating best practise and lean manufacturing theories and methods with the delivery of the foundation skills and knowledge required to become a competent production sewing machinist.

The primary aim of the course is to enable learners to acquire the skills to meet the industries quality and quantity requirements in the shortest possible time. Preparing a recruit for the demand of production and shortening the time between beginner status to meeting quality and production targets.


The Production Sewing Machinist is the first online learning facility designed for industrial sewers that combines remote learning with practical skills and delivery is flexible.

Ideally the programme is delivered with the support of a tutor within a learning environment or a trainer/supervisor within the workplace. However, the content can also be undertaken as a self-learning programme by an independent learner who have access to industrial sewing machines.

The programme combines online and practical learning that covers industrial sewing techniques, alongside underpinning knowledge and skills relating to production sewing including quality, cost, speed, materials, machines, employability skills, workplace procedures and working relationships. The content transfers across specialist sector areas within the fashion and textiles industries from garment making to interior textiles and industrial sewn products.

Who is it for

The Production Sewing Machinist Programme is aimed at new recruits to the industry, rusty/return machinists who need a refresher, apprentices or independent learners wishing to gain industrial sewing skills. Including:

  • Employed Learners: Learners who have never sewn before and are recruited to train as industrial sewing machinists can undertake this course in preparation to join the production team.
  • Learners with training providers: Learners who have never sewn before can undertake the training with a Training Provider, in preparation to join the industry.
  • Independent learners: Learners who are not employed in the industry but looking to gain skills and knowledge. These learners must have access to industrial sewing machines.



Programme Title Estimated Learning Hours
Course 1: The Role of a Production Sewing Machinist 30 Learning Hours
Course 2: Industrial Sewing Machines 42 Learning Hours
Course 3: Industrial Sewing 120 Learning Hours
Course 4: The Sewing Machinist Apprenticeship 42 Learning Hours
Course 5: Quality and Quantity 42 Learning Hours
Course 6: Fabric and Materials 30 Learning Hours
Course 7: Employability and workplace procedures 42 Learning Hours
Total for full Course – Non apprentices (6 UNITS ) 306 Learning Hours
Total for full course – Apprentices only (7 UNITS) 348 Learning Hours


UKFT Certification

UKFT Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the knowledge and skills challenges within each course, building toward the full programme digital badge for those who complete six units.  (Seven if undertaking the Level 2 Sewing Machinist Apprenticeship) 

The UKFT Certification shows achievement of sector specific, technical skills and knowledge. So, providing successful candidates with valued recognition and verifiable evidence of skills, knowledge, and achievements.

Get Involved

The cost and duration of the programme is based on the delivery method and number of units. If you would like more information about setting this training up within your business, training centre or to enrol please contact skillsandtraining@ukft.org.